An Eye for an I … and an ear: adapting the resisting voice for the panoptical view in René Nault’s Handmaid’s Tale  

M. Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale as a Graphic Novel 

36 years after Margaret Atwood’s „original“ text, but 176 years before professor James Darcy Pieixoto’s (fictive) keynote address, Renée Nault’s adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale as a graphic novel came out. After many years of bad press among cultural gatekeepers, comics, and especially graphic novel, is not automatically dismissed as popular, inferior, illiterate, … anymore. Hence, most people are nowadays ready to welcome the comics adaptation of a literary masterpiece. If an adaptation means to transfer the content and the form to another media, that is, within new constraints, how does Nault’s adaptation offer a new life to Offred’s tale?

Organisation, Konzeption, Moderation: Bettina Egger


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Foto: Chris Reyns-Chikuma