Assoz. Prof. Dr. Bernd Resch

Did his PhD in the area of Live Geography (real-time monitoring of environmental geo-processes) together with University of Salzburg and MIT. He is Visiting Fellow at Harvard University (USA).
His research interests revolve around fusing data from human and technical sensors, the „quantified self“ movement and crowd-sourcing methods, environmental monitoring, People as Sensors, real-time analysis of urban dynamics, Sensor Fusion, and interoperability in geo-sensor networks.
Amongst a variety of other functions, Bernd Resch is an Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Health Geographics, Associated Faculty Member of the doctoral college „GIScience“, co-chair of the Geoinformatics 2013 conference, co-organiser of the Young Researchers‘ Forum GIScience, and co-funder and Executive Board member of Spatial Services GmbH.



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