Scientist in Residence: Vinicius Silva de Souza

Vinicius Silva de Souza wird im März 2024 als Scientist in Residence der Stadt Salzburg mit uns kooperieren. Sein Forschungsvorhaben beschreibt der Forscher aus Brasilien folgendermaßen:

Zines as Access to The World of Brazilian Youth – an Interpretative Analysis Between Drawings and Words

This research project investigates the collective orientations (Bohnsack, Nohl, 1998) of the producers of images, words and phrases in so-called zines. A zine is a publication and an example of a type of magazine with pictures and words that promotes youth participation by the movement known as do-it-yourself (Duncombe, 2008). In the analysis of zines, this linkage of image and text must be considered as a methodological challenge. „Image and text interpretation are here more strongly intertwined when representations of courses of action and interaction are related to each other in their linguistic and visual-performative dimensionedness.“ (Böder & Pfaff, 2019, p. 138) The aim of the study is to reconstruct the extent to which young producers‘ orientations are documented in zines as representations of themselves, their bodies and their social environment. The theoretical and methodological framework of this research is anchored in the praxeological sociology of knowledge and the Documentary Method of image interpretation developed by Ralf Bohnsack (Bohnsack, 2011). In the context of this dissertation study, zines are interpreted as visual expressions of young people’s collective cultural practices according to the Documentary Method. The different zine material available for this purpose comes from Brazil and was produced in different years at the same school. This allows us to analyze and interpret in a reconstructive way how these young people and adolescents see and experience the crises and social transformations of their social spaces. Therefore, in these zines they present and represent the human and physical aspects of their collective and individual experiences. „With the aim of enhancing the understanding and cultivation of the body as a central site of perception, performance and creative self-expression.“ (Shusterman, 2013)

Vinicius Silva de Souza, University of Brasília / Freie University of Berlin: PhD student in Education in the line of research Comparative Studies in Education, linked to the Graduate Program of the Faculty of Education of the University of Brasília. Master’s degree in Ethics and Political Philosophy from the Graduate Program of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Brasília. Graduated in Philosophy from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora. Philosophy teacher at the Federal District Department of Education, currently on leave for doctoral studies. He is a member of the GERAJU – Generations and Youth Research Group ( Since 2022 he has been a visiting researcher at the Freie Universität Berlin.




Zines as Access to The World of Brazilian Youth – an Interpretative Analysis Between Drawings and Words