Zukunft mit Zukunft

Klima, Kunst, Kultur – Experimentierräume und Vermittlungsformate

In the context of the “Wissenstage” of the City of Salzburg

The handbook was produced as part of the research project Räume kultureller Demokratie (Spaces of Cultural Democracy), which was carried out from 2019 to 2023 in cooperation with the Salzburg Museum and dealt with how topics are communicated in the context of the climate crisis and sustainable development and what role artistic and cultural practices can play in this. Concepts and materials were created for experimental spaces and mediation strategies in public and digital spaces, at schools and in the museum. The presentation provides insights into the project and the handbook. You can also try out the materials and formats developed in the project for yourself!

The Knowledge Days on Climate. Changes. on 17 and 18 November are dedicated to climate changes in many of their facets, from scientific phenomena to changes in the social climate. With interactive stations, discussions with experts, workshops and lectures.

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Foto: Klaus E. Dietl