Inter-University Organization Science and Arts

What happens at the interface of art and science? What happens when scientists and artists meet? The Inter-University Organization Science and Arts, a cooperation between the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg and the Mozarteum University Salzburg, explores these questions.

In a city like Salzburg, with a long musical tradition and a university history going back almost 400 years, the combination of scientific and artistic research has great potential for finding innovative answers to society’s pressing questions.


From different perspectives, three focus areas are currently participating in this search:

“Figurations of Transition”

“(Inter)Mediation. Music – Mediation – Context”

“Contemporary Art and Cultural Production”

These focus areas organize a diverse range of symposia, conferences and workshops, which are also open to the interested public.

In addition, they offer students of the Paris Lodron University and the Mozarteum University the opportunity to further their education in an interesting way at the interface of science and the arts in the form of two study supplements and a study focus.

The course offerings include the basic module “The Arts: Theories and Discourses” and the study supplements “The Arts: Practice and Mediation” and “Cultural Management & Cultural Production,” which together form the study focus “Art, Culture and its Mediation.”

Finally, six fellows are currently working in the doctoral college “Art and Public Impact: Dynamics of Change,” which is co-financed by the province of Salzburg.

On this homepage you will find detailed and up-to-date information on the focus areas and the doctoral college, on their research foci and activities, as well as on the course offerings.

I cordially invite you to get to know and take advantage of the extensive offerings of the Interuniversity Organization Science and Arts,

Thomas Ballhausen



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