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Sommersemester 2023

Teaching Program of Science & Arts

The Inter-University Organization Science & Arts (S&A), a cooperation between the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg (PLUS) and the Mozarteum University Salzburg (MOZ), offers students at both universities the opportunity to acquire additional key competencies at the interface of the sciences and the arts.
The three working focus areas at S&A, Figurations of Transition, (Inter)Mediation. Music – Meditation – Context, and Contemporary Art and Cultural Production have put together a range of courses.
The teaching is transdisciplinary by design and offer a framework for collaborative studies and the opportunity of exchange between students of both PLUS and MOZ.

Singular classes can be attended and graded as elective courses for PLUS as well as MOZ.

presents in this prospectus its current teaching program for the 2022-23 winter semester.

In addition, S&A hosts an Inter-University Doctoral Program. It is aimed at interested individuals, who already have an academic education as well as skills in the areas of artistic or cultural production.

Contact and Issuance of Certificates:

After the successful completion of the respective

courses, the certificates listed above can be applied for. The examination certificates from the courses must be submitted in a predetermined digital form to the administration of the “Science and Art” cooperation area, who verifies the ECTS performance and the correct classification of the courses completed. The certificates are then issued on behalf of the Vice-Rector for Teaching at the Central Service Point for Flexible Learning and New Media (ZFL).

Further details about the courses offered as part of the study supplements in each semester can be found on the homepage of the Inter-University Organization Science and Arts (https://w-k.sbg.ac.at) or obtained from the administration office of the Inter-University-Organisation Sciences and the Arts (Sophie Freinhofer-Plappert).

Current teaching program for the 2022-23 winter semester

Information can also be found at www.uni-salzburg.at/studienergaenzungen and at www.moz.ac.at/de/kunst/swk.php or by contacting studienergaenzung@plus.ac.at.


MOZonline (Link)

Contact: Sophie Freinhofer-Plappert: sophie.freinhofer-plappert@plus.ac.at

Mitteilungsblatt der Universität Salzburg


Study Program in detail

Basic Module: “The Arts: Theories and Discourses I resp. II” (LINK)  (12 ECTS)

Study supplement: “The Arts: Practice and Mediation” (LINK) (24 ECTS): Basic module “The Arts: Theories and Discourses I“ + Advanced module “The Arts: Practice and Mediation”

Study supplement: “Culture Management and Cultural Production” (LINK) (24 ECTS): Basic module “The Arts: Theories and Discourses II“ + Advanced module “Culture Management and Cultural Production”

Study focus: “Art, Culture and their Mediation” (LINK) (36 ECTS): Basic module “The Arts: Theories and Discourses I resp. II“ + choice of either of the two study supplements + 6 ECTS from any course not yet taken out of the two study supplements. Additional 6 ECTS can be chosen freely from the whole program.

Any study supplement consists of a basic module worth 12 ECTS and an advanced module worth 12 ECTS as well.

The successful completion of courses included in the basic module and amounting to 12 ETCS already entitle one to a certificate for the basic module.

Once further classes worth 12 ECTS (in total 24 ECTS) have been completed, another certificate is offered. After additional 12 ECTS (in total 36 ECTS), the issued certificate will equate to a study focus.

Of course, courses of any module can be taken without completion of the basic module.

When attending individual courses, the course certificates may be counted as part of the free electives.