AR Communities at children’s city Mini-Salzburg

What would it be like to build your own city on Mars? And without a spaceship, wood or metal? gold extra and the Artificial Museum make it possible in Mini-Salzburg!

The Mini-Salzburg children’s city
Children and young people aged 8 to 14 can work, live and create together in Mini-Salzburg from July 2 to 19 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Eisarena & Volksgarten in 2024.

This year, gold is participating with its own station together with the Artificial Museum:

Mars Mission // Science Fiction Labor
When space on Earth becomes scarce, new planets and worlds must be discovered. Be the first person to colonize Mars and build your own children’s city on Mars? No problem! Negotiate together with other Mars settlers what is needed for a good life? That’s exactly what we offer! With the help of the latest digital tools such as augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, 3D scans and much more, mini-Salzburgers can beam themselves to Mars and research and build there.
True to the motto “Minecraft was yesterday – Mars Mission is NOW”:

  • Chiefs of Communication
  • Chiefs of Engineering
  • Chiefs of Controlling
  • Chiefs of Public Relations
  • Mars-Pioneers
  • Chiefs of Field
  • Chiefs of Ressources
  • Chiefs of Mars-Tours

How does a research project get into the children’s city?

Where better to test the participatory potential of (digital) games than in a play city by and for children?
In the Augmented Reality Communities research project, we, Karl Zechenter, Sonja Prlić and Sophia Reiterer, addressed the following questions:

Are digital tools such as augmented reality a hindrance or a benefit when thinking up and shaping utopias?
How do people experience it when they express and visualize their concerns through augmented reality games in public space?
How can augmented reality be used to create a transdisciplinary research approach between art, digital media and cultural studies by expanding the scope of action?

In Mini-Salzburg, children are invited to playfully shape their own world. The idea of offering a separate station within this play logic and creating a space for ‘utopianizing’ with the help of digital technologies was obvious to us and will soon become reality.

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What is the children’s city?

“Mini-Salzburg” is a play city for children and young people between the ages of 8 and 14. Here, Mini-Salzburgers can work, have a say, study, play theater, get married, make radio, invent things, earn money, found companies, make films, try out cooking recipes, have their hair styled, mix cocktails, surf the Internet and have lots of fun. The children’s city is just like the adult world with its government and mayor, offices, driving test, work and job search, lack of money, eating out and reading the newspaper – but a little different.

Every two years in summer, the Eisarena and Volksgarten are gripped by the turbulent hustle and bustle of the mini-Salzburgers. The young city dwellers are confronted with familiar and unfamiliar situations and live and work in different roles in their city. They make decisions and take responsibility for themselves and others. From an educational perspective, the Salzburg Children’s City stands for children’s rights, political education, participation, play and culture. For the children, it is an experience, experiment, adventure and fun. For them, the Children’s City becomes a reality in which they live and which they value.

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from July 2nd in Volksgarten