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W&K-Forum: Die Gemeinschaft als Ressource – Commoning im Kultursektor

Instead of acting in structural separation from one another, we could orientate our lives towards communal care and shape them together. This also applies to the cultural sector. Economist, historian and political scientist Friederike Habermann will show how this can be achieved at the W&K Forum as part of the cultural breakfast. In her keynote speech, she will explain why it is not naive, but social and forward-looking to advocate practices of commoning and a society free from the logic of exchange. Following on from this, examples from the Salzburg art and culture scene will illustrate that strategies of sharing and practices of care are not distant utopias, but in some cases are already a reality.
In a relaxed breakfast atmosphere and in dialogue with the audience, perspectives for a society and cultural scene based on commoning will be discussed.

Moderation: Anita Moser and Martina Fladerer

Co-event organised by the Inter-University Organization Science and Arts and ARGEkultur as part of the cultural breakfast of the umbrella association of Salzburg cultural venues, in Cooperation with FS1.


Participation free of charge – reservation requested at www.argekultur.at


Ulrike Habermann © privat

Friederike Habermann is an economist, historian and doctor of political science as well as an author, activist and freelance academic. For decades, she has been researching in theory and practice how a society based on solidarity can become a reality. Her most recent books: ‘Overcoming Exploitation and Externalisation. An Intersectional Theory of Hegemony and Transformation’ (2023); ‘Ausgetauscht! Warum gutes Leben für alle tauschlogikfrei sein muss’ (2018) and ‘Ecommony. UmCARE zum Miteinander’ (2016).



Die Veranstaltung ist Teil der Reihe „eARTh: Klima, Kunst, Kultur“.


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