The Economy of the Common Good and Justice in Cultural Organisations

The common good economy sees itself as an ethical economic model. Here, the value of an organisation is not measured on the basis of business parameters, but on its active contribution to the common good, specifically with regard to the aspects of human dignity, solidarity and social justice, ecological sustainability, transparency and co-determination. What relevance does the common good economy have for the cultural sector? To what extent can it contribute to more justice in cultural organisations and on a broader societal level? What does common good accounting mean for the practice of a cultural institution?
Sebastian Linz, artistic director of ARGEkultur Salzburg, will explore these questions using the example of his own institution, which has been accounting on the basis of the common good economy since 2015. Following the talk, we invite you to an open discussion.

Moderation:  Anita Moser

Foto: Sebastian Linz © Hannah Inreiter


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