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Speculative Dinner Performance. Superfood of the Drought

“What will we be eating in Salzburg in 2050?” Together with Sarah Dorkenwald and Karianne Fogelberg from UnDesignUnit, we venture a look into the future, when increasing drought and further climatic changes will fundamentally alter the conditions for food production in our latitudes. We invite you to taste the dishes created by Christine Krauss of ChirpFood based on three possible future scenarios and immerse yourself in a playful, sensual and interactive experience.

The dinner performance is the conclusion of the project “Spaces of Cultural Democracy”, a transdisciplinary research project on the design of experimental and mediating spaces on the climate crisis and sustainable development. This project – funded by the province of Salzburg – has been carried out since 2019 at the inter-university institution Science & Art in cooperation with the Salzburg Museum and many committed individuals and initiatives from civil society, art, culture, education and science. For the dinner performance, the ABZ St. Josef could be won as a further cooperation partner.

Limited number of participants.
Registration (by 22.5. at the latest): roswitha.gabriel@plus.ac.at
The dinner is free of charge and vegan.