From trash to treasure – favourite pieces aniew

Under the motto “From trash to treasure: favorite pieces new. Reusing instead of wasting resources”, our exhibition dedicated to recycling and upcycling opened its doors at the Stadt:Bibliothek on June 13, 2024. “The reuse of various objects for art is becoming increasingly important. I am therefore delighted that this exhibition focuses on newly created and environmentally friendly favorite pieces. I would also like to thank all the organizations involved for this valuable and inclusive cooperation, which combines the shared idea of sustainability with art,” said Mayor Bernhard Auinger, responsible for education and culture, at the opening. A do-it-yourself hands-on station also awaited the more than 100 visitors, where the two artists from Mediendienst Leistungshölle were delighted with the lively participation.

Students, clients of Lebenshilfe, young people from the Spektrum association, pupils from Seekirchen secondary school and visitors to repair cafés show their creative approaches to recycling in the exhibition. “By upcycling and repairing, broken items are transformed into new favorites, which protects the environment and at the same time allows these personal ‘treasures’ to be reused,” explains project manager Elke Zobl.

The artist duo Mediendienst Leistungshölle worked with students and clients of Lebenshilfe as well as young people from a youth center run by the Spektrum association. For Klaus Erika Dietl, who forms the duo together with Stephanie Müller, these repair workshops are more than just a craft: “Repairing something is a kind of journey through time, because the object, which is then new or repaired, takes you back to an old story that you can then experience again. That’s the beauty of it!” “We took time together to upgrade objects that were destined for the trash. It made us realize that it’s worth repairing things. It’s also fun!” said the students from the University of Salzburg.

Interested Salzburg residents also designed their favorite items, photographed the results and made them available. Short videos show the stories behind the objects and shed light on the importance of repairing and recycling for those involved. Students acted as mobile reporters and filmed in workshops and repair cafés. These videos, created in collaboration with FS1, Salzburg’s community TV, document personal stories about repairing and upcycling. In addition, pupils from Seekirchen High School provide insights into the circular economy and sustainability using stop-motion video clips. In addition, important terms on the topic were prepared by the students as “knowledge to go”. “We are delighted that this sustainable and socially integrative project has created much more than just an exhibition of favorite pieces. Our building is an ideal place for this,” said the Head of Stadt:Bibliothek Helmut Windinger.

All Photos: Ute Brandhuber-Schmelzinger

Resource-conserving consumption and living is not only particularly important in light of the current climate crisis, but it can also be much more – namely fun, encourage experimentation and be art!

The “Children a Chance” association was also a guest at the opening, whose representatives were delighted to receive generous donations for educational projects in Uganda.

Stadt:Bibliothek Salzburg, 3. Stock, Schumacherstraße 14, 5020 Salzburg
Bis 2. Juli 2024 zu den Öffnungszeiten der Stadt:Bibliothek

A cooperation of:



Exhibition planning and implementation:
Elke Zobl (Head), Vanessa Friedl, Maria Schwarzmayr, Sonja Prlić, Roswitha Gabriel, Katharina Anzengruber, Maria Kalleitner-Huber, Caroline Neudecker, Programmbereich Zeitgenössische Kunst und Kulturproduktion und Projekt Co-CreART. Co-Creating Change!, Wissenschaft & Kunst
Graphics: Cati Krüger
Exhibition construction: David Struber
Photos: Ute Brandhuber-Schmelzinger, Vanessa Friedl (außer anders gekennzeichnet)
Media production support: Rose Huber und Carla Stenitzer (FS1)
Content design:
Artists Stephanie Müller und Klaus Erika Dietl, Mediendienst Leistungshölle (München)
Participants on Repair Cafés
Students of Paris Lodron Universitiy Salzburg and University Mozarteum Salzburg: Elisa Born, Anna Braunbart, Vanessa Friedl, Felix Igler, Katharina Klaus, Johanna Köll, Aliae Laghrib, Flora Lanzerstorfer, Corina Laßhofer, Andrea Lettner, Nicole Katarzyna Loch, Carolin Rainer, Marion Sauer, Maria Schwarzmayr, Annalisa Siegmund, Michaela Syrek, Susanna Trcka Rojas, Livia Weber, Ekaterina Zakharova
Clients of Lebenshilfe Salzburg: Raimund Buchegger, Hannes Burian, Monika Daoudi- Rosenhammer, Mujo Fazlic, Alexander Grabner, Angela Schmeisser, Sabine Thaler, Jakob Vierthaler, Beate Willingstorfer
Pupils of Bundesgymnasium Seekirchen am Wallersee: Maya Bernegger, Lukas Brandt, Anna Ebner, Theresa Ensinger, Nina Haas, Lisa Hirtler, Ilvy Jeannette, Isabella Kanzian, Sophie Kneser, Darwin Kogler, Valerie Leiminger, Caroline Neudecker, Elina Piotrowski, Leon Roittner, Felix Schöberl, Marlene Spießberger, Aurelia Unger