Diversity in organisations: From critical reflection to action strategies

The reality of our diverse society is hardly reflected in many areas of public life. In view of this situation, institutions in the arts, culture and science in particular are called upon to critically reflect on their structure, content, programmes and attitudes with regard to diversity and discrimination and to develop and implement a sustainable vision based on this.

The event provides an impulse for diversity-sensitive and anti-discriminatory categories in organisations. On the other hand, it offers the opportunity to discuss the following questions in a practice-orientated way – also with a view to one’s own institution and work practice: Where does discrimination take place? What does diversity competence mean? Which levels need to be considered? What are important institutional and individual steps on the way to more equality and diversity?

The event is aimed at the Salzburg D-Arts network and all interested parties who want to contribute to more diversity and justice in art, culture and science.

Anne Wiederhold-Daryanavard is a curator, organisational psychologist, co-founder and co-artistic director of Brunnenpassage and actress. Her work focuses on the development of transcultural art formats, socially engaged art, diversity development in cultural policy and experimental and documentary theatre. Anne Wiederhold-Daryanavard works as a juror and on committees, including for the European Commission as an expert on diversity in the cultural sector. She is in demand nationally and internationally for lectures and consultancy work. Since 2020, she has been a member of the advisory board of the Volkstheater Wien.

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