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Information on the doctoral college

The inter-university doctoral college is funded jointly by the Mozarteum University and the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg, as well as the province of Salzburg. The call for applications for the college from 1 October runs until 15 March.

The doctoral college deals with the phenomena, concepts and processes of social change in their interaction with the arts and their publics. In line with the objectives of the Inter-University Organization Science and Arts, the college has a transdisciplinary orientation and offers a framework for networked research and work. At the same time, it promotes a theoretical understanding and methodological competencies within and between the different disciplines, but especially between theory and practice of the arts and cultures.

The doctoral candidates Martina Fladerer, Raffael Hiden, Julia Jordan (until June 2020), Gwendolin Lehnerer, Ielizaveta Oliinyk, Ivana Pilić and Anna Stadler are working on projects at the intersection of science and the arts. Until September 2023, the doctoral college will give them the opportunity to discuss these projects in terms of content and methodology in a transdisciplinary context, to work on their dissertations and finally to complete their doctorates. Their multifaceted projects revolve around the theme of “Art and Public Impact: Dynamics of Change” and are each assigned to one of the three focus areas in the Inter-University Organization Science and Arts:

  • Figurations of Transition
  • (Inter)Mediation. Music – Mediation – Context
  • Contemporary Art and Cultural Production

With a view to the doctoral college, a separate curriculum has been developed. Since 1 October 2015, the Inter-University Doctoral Program Science and Arts has been open to all those looking to study for a doctorate on a topic at the interface of art and science. The aim is to provide exceptional training for young scholars by imparting the ability to conduct independent academic work, in addition to artistic and cultural competencies and professional academic training. The inter-university program culminates with a Ph.D. awarded jointly by the Mozarteum University and the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg.

The academic director of the college is Nicole Haitzinger (Department of Music and Dance Studies, Paris Lodron University of Salzburg). Since 1 March 2022, the academic co-director is Lucia D’Errico (Mozarteum University Salzburg), in 2023 she is substituted ba Thomas Ballhausen (Mozarteum). Prior to that, the co-director was Bartolo Musil (Department of Drama, Direction and Applied Theatre, Thomas Bernhard Institute, University Mozarteum Salzburg). The administratvie manager for the college is Anita Moser (Focus Area Contemporary Art and Cultural Production, Inter-University Organization Science and Arts). Roswitha Gabriel assists the students in all organizational matters.

Kontakt: roswitha.gabriel@plus.ac.at


Implementation regulations

Funded by Land Salzburg, Abteilung Kultur, Bildung und Gesellschaft