ápnoia - a polyphonic mood snapshot

As part of the virtual Science and Arts forum on the topic of “Resilience as the Way out of the Crisis? –- Voices from Science and Arts,” we would like to contribute a polyphonic mood snapshot through our project, in which artists and cultural workers from several cities have their say. In diving, ápnoia (apnea) is the name given to the period of time when air is held. In the current Corona crisis, many people, especially in the field of art and culture, are experiencing the feeling of an involuntary (breathing) standstill, of wait-and-see. On the one hand, adaptation to the situation has to take place; on the other, the working situation is worsening, especially for those who were already part of the cultural precariat. The diver, however, also uses the moment of apnea to explore, to collect and raise up the hidden. We proceeded in a similar way and used this moment of involuntary breath holding to collect statements in conversations with artists and cultural workers on the topic of resilience in the crisis and particularly on the question taken up by the forum: “Can you, should you, do you as an artist or cultural worker want to serve the idea of resilience or are you at odds with it?” Our polyphonic mood snapshot is intended to give a small insight into work in the arts and culture sector, which has been made more difficult by the crisis, and to reflect on the uncomfortable situation between creative adaptation on the one hand and the cementing of already precarious conditions on the other.



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A project by:
Martina Fladerer
Raffael Hiden
Julia Jordan
Gwendolin Lehnerer
Ielizaveta Oliinyk
Ivana Pilić
Anna Stadler

Fotos & Videos:
Julia Jordan

Lukas Gwechenberger

INTRO: Literaturplattform mosaik

Stimmen: Felicitas Biller, Katherina Braschel, Josef Kirchner, Marlen Mairhofer, Sarah Oswald
Text: Marlen Mairhofer
Idee & Umsetzung: Felicitas Biller

With further contributions by:
Zuzana Ernst (Wien) – (Co)Leiterin Brunnenpassage Wien / Szenografin
Valerie Fritz (Salzburg) – Musikerin
Julia Gradl (Wien) – Musikerin
Dima Levitsky (Kyiv) – Dramaturg
Andrea Maksymenko (Kyiv)- Theatermacherin
Daniel Mayerhofer (Salzburg) – Musiker und Leiter des KULT Hof
Lisa-Viktoria Niederberger (Linz) – Schriftstellerin und Kulturarbeiterin
Lukas Pürmayr (Nürnberg) – Medienkünstler / Fotograf
Isabell Rauchenbichler (Salzburg) – Bildende Künstlerin
Eva Weissenbacher (Salzburg) – Vorsitzende der Kunsthilfe Salzburg
Olena Zaretska (Kiyv) – Bildende Künstlerin