Research project

Music in intermedial (Basic-)Education

Project leader: Iwan Pasuchin

The main objective of the research and development project “Music in Intermedial (Basic) Education” is to develop teaching models (including materials and pedagogical scenarios) for the implementation of media projects in which music plays an important role. Following the methodology of design-based research and the citizen science approach, these will then be tested in practice in cooperation with school and university students and teachers, scientifically evaluated, adapted and further developed.

The results are aimed at practicing music educators (especially music teachers at schools, but also at universities) and will be freely available on the internet. Parallel to this, basic research is panned on aspects of intermediality in contemporary digital communication with a focus on music mediation, the findings of which will address a primarily academic audience through symposia and specialist publications.

The initial implementation took place in the course of the video projectDamn Corona Time!“, for which detailed teaching and learning materials are published on the website of the Mozarteum University Salzburg’s MediaLab.
These materials are also linked on the main page of the Mozarteum University as a best practice example for digital music education and as part of the web presence of the inter-university initiative PLUS4Salzburg.