Bettina Egger winner of the Research Competition Mozarteum 2023

We congratulate our colleague Bettina Egger, Senior Scientist at Focus area Contemporary Art and Cultural Production (and Graduate of our doctoral college), on winning 1st prize at the Mozarteum Research Competition.

This was held for the 5th time this year and honors particularly successful scientific/artistic research proposals. On December 6, the best submissions were awarded prizes at the Mozarteum.
Bettina Egger was awarded 1st prize for her project “Graphic Spaces of eco-memory”, in which she combines theoretical and practical research approaches to graphic novels and comics in an innovative way that goes beyond conventional research methods.

In 2nd place, we congratulate Andreas Bernhofer, who is also active at W&K in the focus area (Inter)Mediation, and his team – alongside Elisabeth Wieland, Barbara Pölzleithner and Katharina Anzengruber, who has also been closely associated with science and art since her time at the doctoral college.

Information on the Research Competition and the other prizewinners can be found on the Mozarteum University website.



1st place for Bettina Egger