Crip Magazine

The lecture by Eva Egermann on May 10 deals with the “Crip Magazine” and the critique of Ableism in art.

It takes place in the context of the exhibition “Queer*fem* magaZINES. Queer and Feminist Publishing in Art and Culture” at the Rupertinum.
The exhibition is dedicated to magazines, zines and comics that provide a platform for feminist and queer perspectives in art and culture. It illuminates not only how important such publishing projects are for the dissemination and visibility of feminist and queer art, but also how artistic publishing can be thought of in queer-feminist terms. The spectrum ranges from magazines from the second wave of the women’s movement to alternative forms of self-publishing and zine culture to publication projects that draw cross-connections to issues of migration, postcoloniality, dis/ability, and others.

The exhibition is a cooperation of W&K students with the Rupertinum Salzburg and the Generali Foundation Study Center and gend