Open up! Diversity in the cultural sector

The cultural sector is nowhere near as diverse as our society. What are the reasons for this? Where do barriers and exclusions appear? How can changes towards more diversity in art and culture be made possible? The podcast series “Open Up! Diversity in the Cultural Sector” addresses these issues. Questions about the participation of cultural consumers and producers, access, discrimination and equality open up. Carina Dala, Pauline Jordan, Lily Ludwig, Martha Stützle and Tobias Posawetz meet people with different backgrounds and perspectives in Salzburg to find answers and talk about the broad concept of diversity.

The podcast was created as part of the course “Open up! Diversity Orientation in the Cultural Sector” (Head: Anita Moser) in cooperation with Radiofabrik – Verein Freier Rundfunk Salzburg (Podcasttraining: Carla Stenitzer).

Programs to listen to

How queer is Salzburg’s cultural program?
In order to get answers to questions about queer diversity in the cultural sector, Tobias visits the new association center of HOSI Salzburg for this episode of Open up! diversity in the cultural sector and meets with Ines Kirchschläger there. Ines leads the queer cinema group there and gives insights about the organization, backgrounds and other queer cultural events. In addition, the two talk about the change of queer stereotypes in films and series and the cultural program in Salzburg in relation to the LGBTQIA* community.


Wie queer ist Salzburgs Kulturprogramm?


Gender roles and stereotypes in opera
In this episode of the podcast, Pauline, a voice student herself, takes a closer look at gender roles and stereotypes in opera: Many opera material contains role models that have long been outdated! How do we deal with this? What do we still want to show on stage? And how can contemporary musical theater be…

Geschlechterrollen und -stereotype in der Oper


Exclusions through language and challenges for (non-Austrian) musicians
In this episode, Carina meets with Alba Llorach, pianist and literary scholar from Tarragona, Spain. Together they talk about exclusions in art and culture through language and stereotyping, difficulties in finding funding for their projects and the ideal of an egalitarian, diverse and…

Ausschlüsse durch Sprache und Herausforderungen für (nicht-österreichische) Musiker*innen


Access to art & culture for people with disabilities
Tobias Posawetz is visited by Monika Schmerold at the Radiofabrik. She is a social counselor, founding member and chairwoman of the association knack:punkt. In their conversation, the two talk about barriers and obstacles that exist for people with disabilities to participate in art and culture…

Zugänge zu Kunst & Kultur für Menschen mit Behinderung



A look at poverty and the lack of equal opportunities
In this episode, Martha Stützle meets with Isabella Langer. She is an aspiring sociologist who is working on the topic of poverty and especially homelessness in Salzburg. Together they talk about exclusions in art and culture due to barriers to access and the need to meet basic needs in order to…

Ein Blick auf Armut und fehlende Chancengleichheit


schriftzug open up! Diversität im kultubereich


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